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We are providing FREE Sailpoint Online Training via Blogs, SlideShare PPts and YouTube tutorials which gives Documents guide, interview questions and Answer and Idea about SailPoint IAM tool and its capabilities.

Below are links to many places where you can get FREE Sailpoint Tutorials for Beginners via Blogs, QnA, PPT and videos absolutely free

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  • Sailpoint Online Training Demo on IAM Overview, Key Concepts, Identity Cubes, Identity Cube Refresh

  • Sailpoint IAM Online Training about Common Terminologies in IAM Systems

  • Sailpoint Online Tutorial on Password Synchronization

  • Sailpoint Online Training on IIQ Audit Demo

  • Sailpoint IIQ Reports and Advance Analytics Reports

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  • Get Sailpoint experts explaining you every aspects of the tool

  • Bring your own Business Use Cases to understand how it is done in Sailpoint

  • Practice 24×7 by solving the exercises given by our trainer on the Sailpoint tool installed in your own machine

  • Ask as many questions as you have until your queries are resolved. Remember: There are no silly questions. There are only Questions.

  • Get Resume building tips

  • Get Sailpoint Certification tips

  • Get Interview ready by knowing important interview questions practical solutions.

  • Understand important topics like Standard Service Deployment ( SSD ) / Single Sign-On (SSO) / Custom Connectors / Bean Shell Guide (NO ONE TEACHES THESE TOPICS IN ONLINE TRAINING)

  • Get FREE Basic Java Programming recorded videos to understand Sailpoint coding faster.

  • 20% Theory and 80% practical. Without the base theory any tool is impossible to understand
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    Sailpoint Demo on Identity Cubes

    Sailpoint Demo on Introduction to IAM, IAM Overview and Key Concepts, Identity Cubes, Identity Cube Refresh.

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