About 5 months back my husband hit the brick wall – he quit his job which he hated the most and according to him was literally making him sick. I Though he would feel sorry for himself and loose his self confidence, but to my surprise he was not only ok about the situation but also in total control of it. Everyone in the family including me were worried and unhappy about he quitting a financially stable job. Scared to how he may react if asked about the situation and mainly to not hurt his feelings, they would all talk to me about his job status and about our challenging situation. Being with him all the time it was difficult for me to control my thoughts and they often came out on him in the form of angry irritated words. I guess I was a negative influence on him.

He never once showed any kind of irritation or frustration and was always optimistic of landing up in a better job. He did what he always enjoyed doing Reading books, Music, socializing, vacation with friends, networking, certifications, etc. Since the job market was still recovering from the recession there were hardly any job interview calls. This irritated me more than anything else. Never a sight of worry on his face regarding job or his career? It was getting on my nerve and I often used to worry is he for real?

Today his ex-company’s boss called him and offered him a job.

What I understand today is his definition of life is just one – Live for today and look for good in all circumstances.

By embracing positive attitude he eliminated the “Poor me syndrome” and hence was always happy.

While I worried about tomorrow he lived merrily in today.

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